Tuttle Elementary Takes Literacy Strides



As we stated last month, we are going to be spending the summer visiting with the various local non-profits and community partners that make up the backbone of the Sarasota Music Half Marathon. In our first installment of this series, we visited Tuttle Elementary School.
You might remember them as the team manning the first aid station at mile 2 and 4.5 on Bird Key. Their enthusiasm to join us year after year is driven by their desire to further enable the students of Tuttle Elementary to have access to high quality reading materials in their Media Center. Their campaign for grade level reading works to improve each student’s reading comprehension to be at or above their grade level. This goal is more easily met when the children have access to newer books which contain modern content.  Of the 6,787 books within the Media Center, the average age of fiction texts has improved to 2004. For non-fiction, the average age has been brought up to 2007.
Their participation in the Sarasota Music Half Marathon has brought in $1,500, equating to approximately 150 new books on their shelves.
Tuttle Elementary School has been one of our go to teams since we began this event. They currently have a goal to bring the number of texts per student from 10.1 to 15. A goal that we look forward to helping them achieve in the coming years.

“Tuttle Elementary is proud to partner with Sarasota Half Music Marathon.  We have had so much fun each year as a team during the event to help the runners and our community.  Our Tuttle community directly benefits with the addition of new non-fiction and fiction books for our media center, providing more opportunities for our K-5 student to engage in reading.” Tomas Dinverno, Principal, Tuttle Elementary

If you would like to make a donation to Tuttle Elementary or to find out how you can help them achieve their literacy goals, visit SarasotaCountySchools.net/Schools/Tuttle/