Spectators Welcome!

Spectators are an integral part of the Sarasota Music Half Marathon. Come out to the Ringling Bridge or walk to the end of your driveway. This race is for the fans. Whoop it up, holler and cheer, grill a burger and have a beer.

If your home is on the course, you will receive a FREE commemorative cowbell (ring it).

Can I have a band on my street or on my lawn?

If you live on the course, you may be eligible to host a band on your lawn or on your street. Email John at John@SarasotaHalf.com for more information. It’s easy to have fun.  Find a band, sit on the lawn, watch the runners and listen to the music.  You provide the party and we provide the band. Really, how cool is that?

Is this race family friendly?

The Sarasota Music Half Marathon is so family friendly we have our own Girl Scouts! Have your kids make cheer signs (Go Runner Go, Mom Rocks, Run For Fun, Lookin’ Great) pass out lemonade, jump up and down. Great way to get the little ones pooped at no cost.

Can we just listen to the bands?

Of course – free music for 13 miles. Pick a spot near your house, bring the kids and a cooler and enjoy the fun. Make signs, cheer the runners and get a tan. It’s free and fun!

How do I have an Official Spectator Party?

Call eight friends. Tell one guy to bring burgers. Tell another guy to bring beers. Tell your hungover friend to bring Bloody Marys and sunglasses. Set-up those cheesy lawn chairs from Wal-Mart, have a seat and start eatin’ and cheerin’. Note to hungover friend: No bueno.

Cowbells and Party Guide

Race organizers will provide course residents with an nifty cowbell (ring it) and an “Official Party Guide” – just in case you don’t know how to have a party.