Hill Training: For Floridians



Hill training, or running repeats over the Ringling Bridge, can improve your cardio, strengthen your quads, calves and hamstrings, and break up your routine of running on flat surfaces.  Shorten you stride and swing your arms going up the hill.  Don’t slap your feet on the down portion of a hill or you knees and quads won’t like you.  Two days per week of multiple sets of hill training is sufficient especially if this is your first foray up (and down) the bridge.  Hill training makes you stronger and thus makes you faster.  You may huff and puff on the way up but it’s well worth it.  No one is asking you to climb up the Empire State Building, it’s just simple hill training.  You’ll thank yourself for training on the bridge when you cross it twice during the Music Half Marathon.  Even though there’s a band at the top and bottom of the bridge during the race your legs still have to do the work.  Be good to yourself and train smart.  Then you can tackle the Empire State Building.